Sunday, November 15, 2015

Reblog: A set of teeth & a new bicycle

Meet Sharon. She comes to Albania twice a year to serve others. Whether it's to help missionaries, Albanians, Roma, organizations, or churches. She brings others with her or at times travels by herself. She comes with: tons of ideas, encouragement by the heap and a love for those God puts in her path. 

Below are links to her recent blog posts that we feel blessed and humbled to be mentioned in. 

A set of teeth and a new bicycle - 2 November

So, if someone asked you the question, “What is evangelism?”...  how would you respond?  Is it a large crowd, lots of lights and music, the laying on of hands?  Or, alternatively, is it true that evangelism isn’t an event, but a lifestyle?  Krystal and Don moved from South Carolina to Tirana some years ago with... click to read more on Sharon's Blog: Quilting in Albania. 

9 November - The least of these!

Have I told you about Krystal?  She is an amazing (edited by KZ) crazy lady with whom Debbie and I have spent a lot of time. Remember Don?  Well, Krystal is his wife. So, while Don wiles away his days building stoves, modeling a work ethic and building relationships with men (targeting the Roma), Krystal is demonstrating God's infinite love for the Roma children and click here to read more.
We are thankful for the many people that God brings into our lives. God knows just when we need that extra touch of encouragement to keep going.

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